A Wellspring of Mercy

A fountain of compassion, a spring of hope, The Well Resource Center is a place of community where individuals and families can find help and hope when facing difficult circumstances. We use a wholistic approach to meet physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. It is a place to explore long-term solutions and receive the love of Christ.

The description in italics above is taken from the brochure explaining the services available through The Well. A conversation about outreach and evangelism is incomplete until we’ve spent time becoming acquainted with the ministry being accomplished through The Well Resource Center. I write about them today as affirmation of communities, small towns, and suburbs where this sort of outreach is already thriving. I also write as encouragement to consider using them as a model if you are contemplating an outreach ministry for the first time.

This fall, I visited with Eden Youngberg, the Director of Advancement and Marketing for The Well. The remainder of this blog post is a result of that conversation.

The Well Resource Center was initially organized because the congregations in our town saw the same people asking for help, so they got together and asked the question of how to best help people move forward. In 2016, The Well began to find answers to this question as care coordinators formed relationships with people. 90% of people come to The Well for the first time with requests for help in addressing financial issues. A book that has been helpful to The Well’s ministry is A Framework for Understanding Poverty, A Cognitive Approach, by Ruby K. Payne. The staff at The Well work with people to help them shift their mindsets and teach them how to set priorities.

The goal of the relationships formed between The Well and people receiving assistance is ownership of the lessons coming from the program offering assistance, participation in The Well community, and an invitation to give back in some way. This helps people make changes in their lives by involving them in relationships and community, and by assisting them toward independence.

The Well Resource Center offers a variety of programs and ministry areas, including these few from their extensive list: Getting Ahead in a Just-Getting’ By World classes, Well Works which is another class, and it teaches skills for long-term stability through employment, a thrift store, a medical loan closet, Celebrate Recovery for those with addictions, and mental health classes. The Well also partners with many local Christian ministries including a men’s group, a medical clinic, and the local food shelf. These ministries are all arranged on one campus to eliminate travel.

The Well also has a strong passion to spread the Gospel. People come for assistance, but they grow, learn, and hear the Word. People are invited to pray during their meetings, and relationships form with others and with Jesus Christ. The Well is church to some of the people receiving assistance there. They find consistency, acceptance, purpose, and a place to share their testimony.

My friends at The Well, I honor you, and personally want to thank you for the difference you are making in the lives of so many, and for the harvest you are reaping for the kingdom. The Lord’s blessings to you.

If you would like to learn more about The Well Resource Center, you may visit their website at: www.thewelliowa.org

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