If it’s Alive it’s Meant to Multiply

If it’s alive it’s meant to multiply. This sentence is close to my heart. It’s a gospel sentence. Gospel multiplying, reproduction, evangelism, and discipleship are our greatest allies in the Reformed Church in America. The greatest hope for renewal and revival in the RCA is not returning to our biblical, orthodox, Reformed, conservative theology (although I love them all), but in the gospel message of multiplication and reproduction.

If every missional gospel church would start a new church (or maybe fund one) or start a multisite church, our denomination would be automatically renewed. To quote a friend, “Liberal churches are gospel infertile.” It doesn’t take long to look around at mainline denominations in America to see proof of this! (PCUSA, UCC, etc.)

The call of the Gospel Alliance is to link arms with like-minded, gospel people and churches to seek to multiply the gospel of Jesus Christ. When we are on mission, the RCA feels like home.

“But the word of God increased and multiplied.” Acts 12:24


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  1. Totally agree, Bob! Love this insight..if it’s alive, it’s meant to multiply! I could give a lot of documentation and data to support this in the RCA the last dozen years especially.

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